Lizzie signs with Classic Management


Lizzie is delighted to announce a new managing agent, Jayne Rollason of Classic Management. Working closely together Lizzie and Jayne are excited to be offering several new solo concert programmes with her long time musical partners accordionist Miloš Milivojević, pianist James Pearson, and her Classical Kicks group with Gabriella Swallow, James Turner and others. Jayne represents some of the country’s most respected musicians including Craig Ogden and Miloš Milivojević and Lizzie is thrilled to be embarking on this new chapter of her solo concert career. For more info and all bookings , please visit

All the Ends of the World with The Sixteen

Lizzie is so excited to be just a week away from the premiere of her Classical Kicks co-production with The Sixteen. The performances are on October 29th and October 31st at Southwark and Rochester Cathedrals respectively. This beautiful project has been created to demonstrate the long lasting and dramatic effects of climate change and global warming. The concert will explore our relationship with the planet we live on. With an originally crafted video piece by videographer Heather Britton, and free improvisation from violinist Lizzie Ball, The Sixteen directed by Harry Christophers, will interweave a specially curated choral programme of powerful works by Padilla, Perotin and Sheppard.. TO BOOK visit



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