Classical Kicks Review by Erin Jones

Anyone who thinks classical music is boring needs to go to a Classical Kicks show. In one night we went from La Traviata to Czech and Slovak folk music, to the best cover of “Your Song” I have ever heard (sorry Ellie Goulding, but frankly Lizzie’s version was way better).

The Studio at St James’ Theatre is a really small, intimate setting and was rather reminiscent of an old school jazz club. It meant you were really up close and personal with the artists, and added a relaxed atmosphere rather than the stuffy one some would expect of an opera based show.

On the opera – I’ve never actually heard live opera before, it’s been on the list of things to do in London from the moment I got offered the job in July, and what a fabulous first opera experience! Barbara Barradas (soprano) hit some incredible high notes that resonated around the small space, while Alberto Sousa (tenor) was not only a fantastic singer, but a real presence on stage and brought a great sense of humour to the evening.

The entire ensemble were clearly having so much fun that it was hard not to get caught up in the feeling, particularly during the live improvisation done by Dave Maric (piano) and Pedro Segundo (percussion). Watching people doing something they evidently love was an absolute joy, especially with a group of people so talented.

All in all, a fantastic night. If you don’t believe me, this may convince you – we were applauding so hard I had to take off my Fitbit; it thought I’d walked an extra km before the end of the first half.