LEARN TO MEDITATE with Lizzie Ball , Certified Meditation teacher in the One Giant Mind Technique

Do you feel overwhelmed by the things in your life?
Do you feel constantly stressed?
Would you like to find a sense of calm, and a way to make better decisions?
Would you like to boost your immune system, and feel a deeper sense of joy and creativity in your life?

Its funny how we are human BEINGS, but so often the pressure of our lives and work demands create a feeling of being a human DOING….! Finding calm within the busy storm of our lives, and add in a global pandemic, its no wonder that we so often feel a sense of burnout and fatigue….

During my life long journey as a touring musician I have come very close to burnout several times, with a feeling of groundlessness often being all too familiar. The advent of the pandemic in the end afforded me an incredible opportunity to look deeply into this and to commit to a different approach to all areas of my life. I found my way back to meditation, something I have been passionate about for a few years now, and decided to retrain with the incredible Jonni Pollard, who founded the One Giant Mind Academy with a mission to get as many people meditating around the world as possible.

I am delighted to offer a beautiful 3 part ‘Learn to Meditate’ course, using a ‘being’ technique which , when practised regularly and over time, has a profound positive effect on all elements of your life. This is course is suitable for all people, all ages, and all levels of mediation from complete beginner to long term practicer. If you already have a meditation practice this could be a great new way to explore, and if you are a total beginner then this course is also for you. Please see below for course dates and times, which are all held on Zoom. I also offer one-on-one sessions, and customised courses for companies, private groups, and professional organisations.

The following testimonials come from students I have taught-to protect their privacy I have withheld their names.

“ The calm, warm, friendly delivery of your meditation course was wonderful. Everything was well explained and it was lovely to have thoughtful discussions around the meditation etc. Your vocal delivery of the meditation was lovely and soothing. I came away with tools that were far more powerful that I thought possible. Thankyou ”

“ I have been meditating for about a year now, but didn’t know how to come away from always having sound or being guided. I found the way the course was set up to be so nurturing and safe for finding it in me to be alone with my thoughts and no other distractions. Lizzie had a beautiful way of sharing the information and listening deeply as we shared our experiences before and after the meditation without any judgement. I particularly liked the length of the sessions, as the 90 minutes felt dreamy and slow, which is something we don’t always allow time for in our day to day lives. It didn’t feel rushed, it felt as though Lizzie was fully present and excited about the journey she was facilitating. I now feel really excited to allocate two times a day to ‘checking in with the boss’ as Lizzie put it. Thank you! ”

“ I think Lizzie has a lovely approach to how she delivers the course. It is a good blend of information, process and experience, delivered in an authentic manner. In the past my hang up with meditation is that it can seem cultish and not done by people who live in the ‘real world’. Through her approach and who she is, Lizzie dispels this preconception in a gentle and credible manner. Thank you. ”



April 30 ,May 1, May 2 at 5:30pm-7pm GMT on Zoom all sessions approx 90 mins, and all three sessions must be attended

May 21, 22, 23 at 8 30pm-10pm GMT on Zoom all sessions approx 90 mins, and all three sessions must be attended


April 21, 22, 23 5 30pm-7 00pm GMT on Zoom all sessions approx 90 mins, and all three sessions must be attended

May 26, 27, 28 8 30pm-10pm GMT on Zoom all sessions approx 90 mins, and all three sessions must be attended